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LR Denoising vs. DxO-XD

Here is a comparison between the Lightroom “denoising” and DxO-XD. Yesterday I made some macros with the – nevertheless already aged – Nikon D800 and the Nikkor 105 f/2.8D AF Micro-Nikkor at ISO 8000. The comparisons are respectively D800 Native vs. DxO, D800 Native vs. Lightroom, and DxO vs. Lightroom. Three comparisons are compiled below. […]

DxO PureRaw – 2

Super-resolution images from Photoshop are provided by DxO in the regular resolution. The only solution is to use an external service provider to increase the resolution (e.g. GigaPixel AI, etc.). In addition, panorama DNGs from Lightroom and everything in other formats – other than Topaz DeNoise AI – are not processed as RAW or DNG. […]

DxO PureRaw

By chance, I became aware of the latest DxO Raw Converter software, and today I gave it a quick try. It’s incredible what the software can do. Unfortunately, the X-Trans sensors from Fuji are not supported, but even so, it seems to be worth the money. The images were processed synchronously. The DxO version, of […]


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