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Planning lighthouse Arngast

Planning lighthouse Arngast

Want to have a sunrise picture of Arngast in the Jade Bight. Hopefully the lighthouse will also be illuminated. Targeting for Dec-17th at the moment, if weather permits. Alternatively Dec-27th to 29th might work. The tide is better suited for the later dates. In Google Earth, I found 2 possible locations which also show proper […]

Tour around the Jadebusen

Planned tour around the Jadebusen area. [restrict userlevel=”subscriber”]    Feldhauser Deich 29, 26969 Butjadingen – > Shooting the lighthouses Robbenplate and Hohe Weg which are around 8 resp. 12 kilometers into the river Weser from that location Nordseeallee 35, 26969 Butjadingen – > from Tossens it should be possible to shoot the Wilhelmshaven harbour area […]

Improving planning skills

I try to improve my planning skills for photo location visits. Of course this cannot be done for each and every location but it might provide some good results for a specific shooting in a single location. So here’s the thing… I will go for lighthouse Westerheversand tomorrow. The weather forecast doesn’t look too bad so […]


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