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Good sunset/sunrise prediction

I had published my thoughts around this topic regarding photography at sunrise/sunset here. Today I have the opportunity to visualize this using an example from today’s morning shot at Cuxhaven’s Kugelbake. The picture shows the object and the structures in the sky. Easy to see which clouds don’t get any color. The accompanied part of […]

Planning lighthouse Simon Loschen

The Simon Loschen lighthouse is the oldest German land-based lighthouse at the northern coast that is still operating. Planning for a shooting whenever the weather gets better 🙂 The position should work good in the morning hours when the lighthouse gets the first sunlight. First position will require a Shift-Lens as it is very close […]

New weather station

I had to replace my old weather station. After 4 years the rain sensor of the Oregon WMR200 failed for the second time (outside guarantee). The new actual weather can be found here. At current I cannot provide daily, weekly and monthly overviews. Such data from my station can be viewed on Weather Underground INIEDERS390 […]


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