After years of travel photography with analog equipment, I started digitally again in 2006. After an intensive consultation by my local dealer Ringfoto Schattke, I first used Olympus cameras for about 4 years.

Since I later also became active in the field of nature photography, I switched to Nikon in 2012, again on the basis of the good advice at my local dealer. Via the D300s and D800 and the D4, D500 and D850, I recently started using Fuji cameras and lenses which prepares for the most different situations. The main focus is on landscape and nature photography, especially bird photography.

A mix of fast prime and zoom lenses as well as up to three camera bodies accompany me on my photo tours or during my holidays which are mostly dedicated to photography. Especially in landscape photography, it is important not to be on site at times that contradict the normal daily routine. Starting at 4 o’clock in the morning or be late in the evening hours, whenever the light is what I am expecting for my images.

Since mid 2018 I started to do also Astrophotography. The results can be seen in this blog.

Current photo gear

some links point to newer equipment as the older ones were not available on the internet anymore.







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Astrophotography Gear

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