No, not a delicious pasta recipe but the so-called Spaghetti Nebula was my object last night. Since the exposure time was only about 3.5 hours at aperture 2, it is of course not comparable with other images (usually from about 10 hours exposure time). But I am still quite satisfied with the result.

Simeis 147 – SH2-240


The supernova remnant is huge, but also quite dark. The extension corresponds to about 150 light years. In the night sky, the nebula has about 3° which is 6 times the size of the moon.


Simeis 147, also known as SNR G180.0-01.7 or Spaghetti Nebula, is a supernova remnant (SNR) in the constellation Taurus:

  • Distance: About 3,000 light-years
  • Diameter: About 150 light-years
  • Age: About 40,000 years
  • Type of supernova remnant: Type II
  • Special features: Simeis 147 is known for its spaghetti-shaped structures, formed by the interaction of shock waves with the interstellar medium. There is also evidence of a pulsar wind nebula at the centre of the remnant.

Recording Data


Simeis 147 Annotations


Simeis 147 FindingChart