Last night I went out again to make another attempt with images of the Perseids. This time it was much more successful concerning the quantity. However, there was no Perseids as bright as last night.

The shots were then merged into a single image using PS. This time I used the Fuji GFx with the Zodiak 30mm Fisheye at f/5.6 and ISO 1600 on the Hartblei Shift Adapter.

On the right side in the image, the rising Jupiter. The small group of stars to the right of the lighthouse are the Pleiades (Seven Sisters). The bright star on the left side is Capella.

Perseids over “Fat Bertha”


Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with the result so far. Enough practiced for the night with the climax from the 12th to the 13th of August.

Here is a short timelapse, which shows how fast the earth rotates under the firmament. 75 shots á 20 seconds (= 25 minutes).