In the night from August 12 to 13, that is at the peak of the Perseids, we were lucky to have clear skies. With temperatures of at least 17°C conditions prevailed that made it possible to spend the night outside.

Unfortunately we had also full moon exactly in this night, which strongly impaired the brightness of the shooting stars; but, one cannot have everything…

The following image was created from 25 frames taken between 11 pm on August 12 and 4 am on August 13. Exposure time 20 or 15 seconds. All images taken with the Fuji GFX and the Zodiak 30mm f/2.8 Fisheye on the Hartblei Shift adapter.

Perseids over Altenbruch


The individual Perseids and satellite flares were added to the background image using Photoshop.

An image with startrails, created with StarStaX.



And finally a timelapse from the time between about midnight and 4 o’clock.