On Wednesday of the first week we went on the way to our levada hike. On the way there a short stop at a viewpoint on the ER110.

Typical Madeira view

Shortly after the intermediate stop we reached the parking lot to the Levada trail. First you have to walk on an asphalted road to the “Casa do Rabacal” and then the actual road begins. But that’s already about 2,5 kilometres. In the late morning there is luckily still much shade.

First we walked to the Risco waterfall. Unfortunately the sun was already very high and therefore it was almost impossible to take a good image of the waterfall. A few details however worked.

Risco waterfall

Then we did the Levada trail to the 25 Fontes. Also there, as on the whole trail a lot of people on the way.

25 Fontes

The silence in the picture is misleading… It was very crowded.

Then we went back and took a break at the “Casa do Rabacal”. Luckily a minibus drives the people (about 3€ per person) back up to the parking lot. Well, it was definitely worth it for me 🙂