Although it didn’t look like it at first, the early morning evolved into a small spectacle in the sky. But before it did, I went to the Kugelbake early on time. On the way there it already indicated in the sky for such. In the foreground, medium to low clouds, at the horizon free way for the sun to get through.


At my standard place in the wadden sea I set up tripod and camera. After a few pictures from there a cyclist came along who turned out to be a photographer as well. He rode his bike into the mudflats and stood up with his stuff about 50 meters in front of me to photograph some salt water puddles. He didn’t pay any attention to shouts. I went and asked him if he hadn’t seen me. He simply replied that he didn’t care and to my question about possible consideration he said that he would never be taken into consideration either. Well, if you act like an asshole, you get treated like an asshole. I also think that I have already noticed this dumbass at the Alte Liebe some time ago, when someone ran into my picture all the time.