Yesterday, in the late afternoon, I made a long exposure of the train station with the 4.5x gray filter (on the Fuji X-T5 and the Nikkor 24 PCE). I wanted to see how the Fuji X-T5 behaves with the long exposure times during the day and see if you get the forecourt then more or less “empty”. Both worked quite well (but I was also lucky that no one had sat down on the stairs for a long time, or the like).

Railway Station


The station can be photographed otherwise only in the early morning hours on weekends or at night without people. Since the orientation then, however, no pleasant light allows, only this way remains.

Originally, the shot should be more straight from the forecourt, but, since the city of Cuxhaven has made a dash through the bill and put up a corrosive poster on this ugly construction posts with advertising for some event in mid-June (so that’s still there for a while, too bad, actually a nice place).

Also, I was able to photograph – for the first time – the “Windstärke 10” museum.

Windstärke 10