Yesterday evening it finally worked out with strong NLCs. As a location was again the Grimmershörn bay chosen. The NLCs were however NNE, so the Kugelbake could be taken up only as edge phenomenon.

Detailview with Mittelplate


At the beginning the NLCs were more compact and more east oriented. 1s video (25 frames) taken with the GFx as timelapse. There you can see nicely how the clouds move.

Start of the show


As they continued, they expanded further and further to the west, but also became flatter and flatter. Here a 15 minute exposure using f/32.

Peak of the show


In the panorama with the total overview you can see the complete extension.

Full view


Here is a telephoto of the NLCs as timelapse (25 frames = 1 second) taken with the GFx. There you can see the wandering of the structures.