This morning I once again set my sights on the sun. This time I tested the GFx and the Nikon D800 on the Maksutov 1300mm in addition to the X-T3. The D800 does not work at all. Due to the mirror impact, no reasonable image came out of it. The GFx is actually quite good, but the results are not as good as those of the X-T3. Cropping would be necessary anyway, so the advantage of 50 megapixels is lost.

Sun with 3900mm

But I was surprised that the images on the Maksutov with Kenko TC-1.5 and Kenko TC-2.0 were even usable. Surprisingly in the 100% resolution more.

Adjusting was of course bad with an equivalent focal length of 5850mm. Focusing was only possible to a limited extent, because the telescope reacted to the slightest touches. Only to determine the image section turned out to be a task of patience.

100% crop