A clear night is predicted, so I wanted take another set of pictures of comet C/2020 F3 Neowise. This time I was on the way from 2130h to 0330h and set up my cameras at three different locations.

Lighthouse Kleiner Preusse

It started at the Little Prussian lighthouse in Wremen. Here were some photographers on site. First the comet was hard to recognize, because the magnitude decreased since last week from Mag 2 to now 3.8 and because it was still quite bright in the sky. Then around 2320h it showed up. Higher than in the last week, but that was also known.

Lighthouse Obereversand

I continued in Dorum-Neufeld at the lighthouse Obereversand. Here the light pollution is less than in Wremen (Kind regards to Bremerhaven:-)) and on top it got darker. No photographers or tourists who wanted to have a look at this spectacular event, for whatever reason. It was almost windless on top of that.

National Park Waddensea

At last I went to Döse at about 2 o’clock. Originally I wanted to take a picture of the comet with the Kugelbake monument, but that was not possible, the comet was too far west in the sky. Here it already began to become bright again and a few very discreet NLCs showed up on the horizon.

C/2020 F3 Neowise

With the Fuji I took timelapse shots during the stays, while shooting with the Nikon D850 at different focal lengths.