I re-developed for a third time the previous shot Andromeda Galaxy image. As said, the learnings have to be done, the data is already there in the images.

NGC 224 / M 31 – Andromeda Galaxy

This – for now – last rework of that image is what is satisfying enough. Greater images can only be done by having spot-on focus, which I hope I will get using the Pegasus focuser in the next round. Also, I need to grab much more DARKS, start to grab BIAS and FLATS which will reduce the overall noise, remove vignetting and bring out more details. The coma-corrector should also bring better details, mainly having better stars in the picture. The Nikon D80 without IR filter should also bring more intensity in the image. I am looking forward to that in the next session whenever the sky is clear.


Next I will try to get some better results out of the other former images I shot; mainly the Pleiades and the 2 nebulas.