Finally received my Sigma 150-600 Sport this week. Weather was ok to run a Test with the three Telelenses on all my used cameras.

Cameras used were D2x, D3 and D800. All three lenses were tested with each camera.

The target was a selfmade board having a printed testchart, a small plastic puppet and a dream-catcher attached. The board was mounted on Feisol CT-3442 with Arca Swiss B0 ballhead.

Using the Berlebach UNI-16 with Arca Swiss D4 Head to mount the cameras and lenses stable (this unit is really like a rock) and a remote-cable-control. All cameras were set to Mirror-Lockup to avoid vibration.

The Nikkor had the TC-17II attached to get to 600mm for comparison.

The Sigma 150-600 is a sturdy designed masterpiece when comparing build quality and price of the three candidates.

The Tamron 150-600 is a great value for the money you have to pay for it. It’s light-weight compared to the other 2.