Third test series is with the D800. The Pixelmonster. Allows easily to crop to the D2x resolution from a 400mm picture. However, the camera is slow in picture rate and not as well handled as the D3. I mainly use it for landscapes and general photography. However, bird shots are quite nice as it allows to stay in some distance still preserving the details when cropped.

The full pictures

The Nikkor had the TC17II attached and was set to 350mm resulting in 600mm@35mm equivalent. The camera was set to 200 ISO, it’s native ISO setting. Again, all pictures taken with open aperture which is f6.3 for the Sigma and Tamron while the Nikkor resulted in f6.7 because of the TC-17II.

Using the Sigma compared to the Nikkor, again showing a slightly closer angle of view as with the D2x.

The Tamron has similar angle as the Sigma has. Therefore showing again a little bit more than the Nikkor.


The details

Shooting distance was approximately 8 meters. Order is always Nikkor, Sigma, Tamron.

Comparing the horizontal lines of the testchart.

Next compare is the vertical lines of the testchart.

Next one is showing the small circle with round lines and the numbers.

Looking at the plastic puppet for the thin synthetic hair.

Last compare is on the dream-catcher to have a closer look at the feathers and the thin grid inside the ring.


I did several comparisons using the iMac Retina and the MacBook Air in Lightroom. Looking at 1:1 crops but also 2:1 crops, so at 200%. My ranking is:

  1. Sigma
  2. Nikkor with TC17II
  3. Tamron


Download of Lightroom DNGs for NikkorSigma and Tamron. Rightclick on the link and choose “Save as…” to store to disk.