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Cuxhaven spa areas

I have reworked the 360° panorama pictures – except for one. Here is the first pictureI took  from Duhnen, which shows the spa areas. Furthermore, I adapted and optimized the export function in Lightroom. The quality of the 360° pictures has clearly improved. Momento 360° VR Version   The momento-experiment is over and I host […]

Cuxhaven – Cityview

Cuxhaven – Cityview

Another test for the 360° panorama function. This time with a short flight in the early morning on the market place of Cuxhaven. I also made a Little Planet picture from the resulting panorama. After the 360° picture was finished, I created a video with rotation. But I’m still looking for the reason why the […]

Cuxhaven Döse

Another test with DroneLink and the Mavic Mini. Yesterday the test unfortunately failed. Until the session was aborted, the video material was almost unusable. There is still a lot to practice until the little bird flies autonomously… This afternoon things went a bit better, but still not quite satisfactory. With the 360° pictures I am […]


Yesterday I made a short test flight with DroneLink in Döse. Main focus was a test for a 360° panoramic picture. A short video with a panoramic view has also been produced. Unfortunately, DroneLink is sometimes moving the drone too fast, or I have to learn how to use it a bit better. It does […]

Cuxhaven Holte-Spangen

Cuxhaven Holte-Spangen

From yesterday evening once again a video from Holte-Spangen. With sunsets and sunrises like this, the Mavic Mini camera will of course fail. This dynamic is a bit too much for the small sensor. This applies even more to the video recordings, where you can get even less out of them with post-processing (at least […]


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