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Day 16: Landmannalaugar

One day to the Landmannalaugar. A bit scared about the warnings you can read here and there regarding the F-road travel. In the end it wasn’t that bad. It was more annoying because of the longitudinal ribs but not very ambitious (the way to Zuni during US 2010 tour was much worse). The landscape there is […]

Day 12: In the south

Before we leave for Hali, a short drive through Djúpivogur, the oldest harbor city in Iceland. Very small town and a good sense of humor… The guy at the recption told me that there are Red-throated divers just outside of the town to be seen. Using the Tamron 150-600 I was able to grab some shots […]

Day 9: Myvatn

Today we are going to Myvatn. The route we take is from Sauðárkrókur up north to Siglufjörður and then via Dalvik, Akureyri and Goðafoss to Reynihlíð, Myvatn. The first section to Siglufjörður and half down to Akureyri is mostly driving in the low clouds. Via ring road 1 we will continue most of the travel from now on. Akureyri is truly […]

Day 7: Drangajökull

Before breakfast I did some shots of the Iceland horses in Heydalur. Today the only plan is to walk to the Drangajökull. We arrive at the parking around 11:30 and walk directly towards the glacier. After about half of the distance the area got a bit swampy and the small runlets from the mountain to […]


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