…and not as hoped. I had planned for yesterday evening the moonset – albeit only 18% moon – at Obereversand with telephoto lens with PlanIt! Unfortunately this did not work out as thought. Originally the moon should stand on the right of the tower, on height of the dome. But the chosen location – according to PlanIt! – did not fit at all. There I would have had to stand approx. 500m (if not more) further north. A fast change of location brought at least the moon into the proximity of the tower.

Moonset at Obereversand


In addition, I had completely misjudged the brightness. Full moon is clear, it is bright, but 18% is already quite dark.

I had tried it with the 300mm PF on the Nikon D800, but the artifacts – especially in the lights of the tower illumination – are already very heavy and make the shot rather unusable, because I had to take f/4 here. At f/8 the artifacts disappear, but there is too little light to compensate the movement of the moon with shorter exposure times.

Moonset at Obereversand


For this, the images before the actual time are somewhat usable.



It was extremely clear visibility, of course with air flicker when taking the picture of the offshore wind farm Nordergründe. This wind farm is about 25km away.

Offshore-Windpark Nordergründe