At the end of this year’s Perseids sessions two more images from August 13th. The first one, this time in format 4:5 (portrait mode), was taken with the Fuji X-T3. It shows a Perseid between the Pleiades and the planet Mars.

Perseid over Altenbruch


And here is also a picture with the startrails to the X-T3 session.

Perseids with startrails


The second photo, with the GFX, is something you don’t see too often. During our photo session, we had already wondered about the point of light in the sky that was moving relatively slowly from NE to W its path below Capella. An always constant light, as if a searchlight of a helicopter was shining. However, the view did not change during the flyby.

De-orbit burn of the upper stage of a Falcon-9


Jokingly on a UFO concluded, shows up in the retrospect, not thaaaat far off. It is about the “de-orbit burn of the upper stage” of a Falcon-9 rocket, which was launched on August 12th at 23:40 CEST in California.

Of course I don’t have a sharp telephoto of the object, because I really wasn’t prepared for it.