Three times historical and once modern architecture I visited today in the early morning. The funeral hall and the former former pathology I had already photographed some time ago. The former city archive and the Outfit Studio not yet.

For all shots I used the Nikkor PC-E 24mm on the Fuji X-T3 with the Fringer adapter.

I had photographed the funeral hall back in the winter under overcast skies. The position of the sun this morning ensured that the line of light was exactly in line with the bottom row of windows.

Funeral Hall


The outfit studio was not yet visited at the early hour today. No car on the parking lot, that was already good. I would have liked to photograph the studio at night, but then the building is not lit and looks quite bland.

Outfit Cuxhaven

The full size is only possible as a panorama (from three shots). Below another single shot with slightly changed position.

Outfit Cuxhaven


The old pathology succeeded better this time, because there was still lateral light on the front. Here, too, the overall building could only be made by means of a panorama shot.

Old pathology


The former city archive only worked as a two-row panorama with corresponding losses (arched roof at the middle part). However, it is not as striking as with the old 30mm fisheye on the Fuji GFx.

Former Cuxhaven archive