Not because the moon is colored pink the April full moon is called so, but because the wild phlox in North America blooms pink at this time. Nevertheless, it was a bit pink/orange yesterday due to the Sahara dust when it was close to the horizon.

The opportunity won’t come again so soon: full moon in April with low tide and clear skies. That fitted so far everything well together.

Kugelbake with Pink Moon


How one can make a mistake in planning I noticed yesterday evening. After what I had in mind, I wanted to photograph the Kugelbake with the rising moon from a distance of about 550 meters with 300mm on the Fuji-X-T3. By the Crop factor and the 300mm everything should happen beautifully format-filling and at the position as thought. There I have made a little mistake. Both position (moon left of the Kugelbake) and distance did not fit as desired. I could not go further backwards, since the silt became too muddy.