Here are my personal favorites from the past year.


Cuxhaven Picture

The favorite for my Cuxhaven picture from 2021 is a shot from our Oste tour in autumn. It shows the Medem in Otterndorf.

Medem in Otterndorf


Outside of Cuxland

The most impressive in 2021 was the trip to Chamonix in France. That was already gigantic to see there (and then also in the best weather). Especially since you could take a picture like the one shown here from the hotel room window 🙂

Mont Blanc



In 2021 I have changed, added or even sold some equipment. The big mount is now history and the small iOpton mount is a good replacement. Here, however, taken with normal tripod, without mount.

1/3 Moon


Special opportunities

Comet Leonard fell victim to the cloudy sky here in the north, but in summer I had several opportunities to photograph noctilucent clouds. In these shots (and of course elsewhere) the Fuji GFx brings its strengths to bear. A panorama from several shots.

Noctilucent clouds over the river Elbe


Black and White

For my favorite b/w conversion, I chose the picture of the roof of the event hall in Basel. Even though we didn’t like Basel that much otherwise, I still managed to take this picture quite well despite the large construction site at the exhibition halls.

Event hall Basel


Wildlife photography

2021 I was less on the way to make animal photographs. Except the luck to catch again snow buntings at the beach near Kugelbake monument, I had made this time some shots at the Baumrönne, with which I am quite satisfied. Here with the Nikon D500 and the 500PF lens.

Reed bunting



Last year I made – for lack of opportunity – less drone flights. My favorite for last year has therefore also become a timelapse (still without slider), which was created in the summer in Hamburg on our photo tour.