44 hours in Hamburg. From July 6 to July 8, four of us were on the road in Hamburg. On the first day around late afternoon we went first to the Dockland. There the sun was still too high.


So here is a black and white conversion of a panorama image. Taken with the GFx and the Fujinon 32-64mm. I had a 15-stop ND filter in use when taking the picture.

Later we went to the Musical Theater to photograph the Elbphilharmonie from there,


to finally land at Burchardkai.


The next day we went on foot through the Hafen-City. It was too bright light for me, so not many shots remained.


On the afternoon tour it went then again from the Landungsbrücken in the direction of Speicherstadt. Unfortunately, it related then but relatively strong and later began to rain.

The tour ended at the Chilehaus. All in all, I am satisfied with the images I got.


A few timelapse I had made on both days and cut together here to a video.