I liked the picture with the Westerhever lighthouse quite well and therefore I have made myself times on the search for suitable software for animated pictures in the cinegraph style. The results are partly amazing, but so are the image sizes and loading times with low quality and dimensions.

Goðafoss (Iceland)

The Goðafoss image shown above is 25 MByte at 1200x652px.


Námafjall (Iceland)

A maximum of 1200px in the long alignment results in up to 30 megabytes per image with sufficient quality. The loading times from the server are then also correspondingly high.


Kugelbake Cuxhaven

The effect then goes from surprising to unusable. In addition, it is also quite time-consuming to edit and then create the images (my laptop refused to save the GIF one or the other time without concrete reasons).


Phare du Petit Minou (Brittany)

At the Pahre du Petit Minou I unfortunately forgot to animate the left side of the Atlantic Ocean as well…

Here are a few other images. However, the effect is not always smoothly visible on the website due to the loading times and sizes.