Here is a short panoramic view over the western and southern part of Cuxhaven.

Cuxhaven Süder-/Westerwisch

In the last two days I have done two DoneLink flights. With the Mavic Mini you have to be careful not to fly too far out. Besides the WiFi signal, wind also affects the exact flight path. Apart from that it works quite well.

I was able to handle the 360° panoramas much better now. The basic panoramas are no longer created in Lightroom directly but with the older AutoPano software, which is much better at controlling the exposure and can be tweaked during the stiching process. Besides the editing possibilities in Photoshop (to make the transitions better), I also found a much better plugin, which shows the image quality of the Mavic Mini even when zooming in.

Since these images are much bigger, the loading time will be longer, but this is bearable 🙂

Now I have to rework the earlier 360° images…