Yesterday afternoon we went to Greetsiel. At first it was only meant for the twin mills, but since it is just around the corner, the Pilsum lighthouse was also on the list.

Greetsiel Twin-Mills

In the afternoon in the west of the lighthouse the light was still much too bright, but here I could fly with the drone for a short time.

Greetsiel harbour

After a short walk through Greetsiel and a culinary refreshment we are then off to the twin mills. There I flew one more time.

Pilsum lighthouse

In the end, the decision was made… Go back to the lighthouse at sunset or stay at the mills. We decided for the former. But there it was still very crowded and the sky was not very attractive.

The video contains four different data sources. Still video with the Sony FDR-AX100, flight video with the DJI Mavic Mini, driving video with the Dashcam and photos and timelapse with the Fuji X-T20. The Nikon D850 was only used briefly at the end.