The Cote d’Armor is more for landscapes while the southern-west part will mainly focus on lighthouses. However, also this area offers several of beautiful old lighthouses worth to have a look at.

Daytrip to Plougrescant and Île de Batz


Three main locations here to see. Overall the Cote d’Armor of course but also one spot which has been photographed a lot before, the Castel Meur Plougrescant.


The lighthouse Le Phare du Ploumanac’h Perros-Guirec offers also very nice views to the Cote d’Armor.


Around the following location there should be several spots to explore.


If time permits, we can drive to the Île de Batz

ID: A1816

Close to the Île de Batz is: Port of Roscoff Ldg Lts Rear (ID 1812.1)


Daytrip to Cap Fréhel

Another daytrip will be to the opposite side with direction of Cap Fréhel. This should also offer nice views to the coastline.

Fort de Latte is definitely a must.