Grimmershörn Bucht (2007-04-04)

Very low tide today…



Canola field near Cuxhaven (2007-04-20)

Rapeseed field


Wadden Sea (2007-06-10)

Funny tourists in Cuxhaven. Walking out in the mud flat, often without proper sun protection and later wondering why they look red as a lobster.

Wadden Sea

Kite Festival (2007-08-12)

A yearly event taking place in Altenbruch, close to Cuxhaven.

Kite Festival

Metronom is coming (2007-08-25)

New public transport provider takes over from Deutsche Bahn in December 2007. A test drive on the new trains was offered.

Metronom train to Hamburg

Cuxhaven Harbor (2007-10-14)

Seagull takes a rest…


Stormfront Thilo (2007-11-09)

Stormfront Thilo reached Cuxhaven coastline.

Stormfront \”Thilo\”

Cuxhaven Harbor (2007-11-24)

A new camera in hands…

Cuxhaven Harbour

Park of the Angels (2007-12-09)

Exhibition at the Cuxhaven Christmas Market.

Christmas Market

Cold Night (2007-12-22)

Cold Night

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