Moonrise from about 0:20 o’clock and clear sky, so, last night again with slightly changed camera settings I tried to shoot the Milky Way. It’s a bit better, but still miles away from how I think it should be. Well then…

Milky Way over the Nature Reserve

The picture is composed of 50 lights and 20 darks. The images were taken with the Zeiss 21/f2.8 on the Nikon D850. Each image with 10 seconds exposure time at aperture 3.5 and ISO 1600. The noise (at least in the sky area) has been almost completely eliminated.

The two brightly shining objects – left and right of the Milky Way – are Saturn on the left and Jupiter on the right.

From the middle of August the nights will get darker again, then it should work out better. Nevertheless, I am actually quite satisfied with my third attempt. The colour of the Milky Way has to get even better, as well as the contrast to the rest of the sky. I also have to work on the foreground. There’s too much traffic on the main road at the current location (that’s annoying). At the end there is some light painting to be done and it should come out as I think it should be.