Only a few satisfying sunsets were granted to us. Most of the time all high clouds disappeared in the evening and the sky was completely clear. In the evening after the Levada hike we drove to the peninsula São Lourenço and looked which side it should be at sunset. First we went to Ponta do Rosto. Here you can see the rougher side of the peninsula.

Ponta do Rosto (São Lourenço)

Later we changed to Ponta do Buraco. First of all I had hoped for more possibilities because of the lower location, but the clouds were (almost) missing. Nevertheless – although it had a strong wind there – it was quite nice.

Ponta do Buraco (São Lourenço)

The two uninhabited islands close to Madeira are rarely photographed. There are a few organized trips there, but otherwise they are left to nature.

Ilhas Desertas