We visited the third highest peak several times. The island makes it easy for us. A road leads directly to the summit. Up there a military (?) radar system is installed and unlike in other countries the area outside the radar dome is freely accessible for tourists. Several hiking trails lead from Pico do Arieiro in different directions (among others also to Pico Ruivo, the highest mountain on Madeira). In short, the Pico do Arieiro visit is simply not to be missed.

Pico do Arieiro (East direction)

Pico do Arieiro (West direction)

The road to Pico do Arieiro is well developed, but not without its pitfalls. Overall it becomes problematic if the coaches are on the way (and there are a lot of on the summit on good days)…

Oncoming traffic at Pico do Arieiro

Oncoming traffic at Pico do Arieiro

The pictures are taken with the camera of the iPhone through the windshield. By the way, there is NO left-hand traffic in Madeira, even though it might look like this on the two pictures 🙂