A few impressions from this year’s holiday. First of all three panorama images of Funchal. The city itself is not the best place to be, but somewhat nice. Due to the extreme hillside location, one has a nice overview of the city in many places.

From the Parque Infantil “Pico dos Barcelos” one looks in eastern direction over the city. However, the harbour area is mostly covered. The Nikon D850 with the Sigma 24-105f/4 was used for the image below. The picture is composed of 9 single images in Lightroom, but afterwards it was cropped to the shown size.

Funchal (Pico dos Barcelos)

Shot in south-western direction are the following two pictures. The location of both is a little below the Miradouro das Neves.

The picture below was taken in the early morning and is a freehand panorama shot with the D850 and the Sigma 24-105f/4. It was composed of 5 single images in Lightroom.

Funchal (Miradouro das Neves)

The next picture was again taken with the D850. It consists of 5 single images in portrait mode using the Voigtländer 90f/3.5 APO Lanthar.

Funchal (Miradouro das Neves)