We’re going to Madeira this year. 2 weeks should allow us to see several locations, not only for photography.

Below is my current planning.

Short-Trip #1

The short trip will have 2 locations with a Funchal view from the east. The overall distance is about 8 km.

There are 2 similar locations in this area, will need to see which one is the better one. The location works for morning and evening shots.


Short-Trip #2

This short trip will go close to the airport and should have some nice ocean views at Ponta di Santa Catarina. This might work best when there is some wind and waves at the location. The overall distance is about 36 km.


Short-Trip #3

Short-Trip #3 will go for another single location with an overview of the city Funchal. This location will be to the north-west of the city. The trip is about 10 km.

A close to the location available street view shows an estimated view of the city. This location should work fine for evening shots.


Short-Trip #4

This is a quick trip to the Cabo Girão Skywalk. The distance is about 28 km.

We’ll have to see what scenery is available from there.


Short-Trip #5

The trip #5 will take us to the statue of Cristo Rei. From what I could see so far it is facing towards the sea, so the position for some shots as shown below should work. The distance for this trip is about 19 km.


Short-Trip #6

The last planned short trip will take us to Carral das Freiras. In total the distance is about 40km.

I figured out two spots which could be interesting. The first (actually there are 2 in that location), is labeled as Montado Do Paredão (East and West) which should give a nice view over the valley.

The second location is a waterfall right after the village when following the ER107 road.