The traveling distance I tracked with my Garmin (without the way from home to Tuscany and back) is shown here:

The total distance in Tuscany we travelled over the ten days was 1300 km. From and to Tuscany summed up to 3150 km, which gives a total of 4450 km.

I used 2 camera gears over there. The D7200 with was used when walking around or when it was appropriate to have a light setup. The D800 with mainly prime lenses was used when predefined spots were visited. The D800 was used nearly all the time with tripod.

The number of photos shot with each lens includes multiple shots for HDRs, one 350 picture timelapse (D7200 with Sigma 24-105) and panorama sources as well as the panorama itself.

The exposure values calculated in Lightroom is Camera-EV, not edited EV.

And finally an overview of all parameters pulled from Lightroom.