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Planning Tuscany 2017 – Siena

We did not make it to Siena in 2016, this time we plan to go there by train. From Pienza by car to Buonconvento (Stazione) and then directly to Siena by train. The first train is running at after 8am, so it will be impossible to be at Piazza del Campo before the tourists arrive. Sightseeing Tour. On the walk […]

Feldberger Seen

Feldberger Seen

2 days at the Nature Reserve Feldberger Seen. We booked 2 sessions with White-tailed Eagles feeding, one session at the hide with the Lesser-spotted Eagle and at last another time the Kingfisher. The sessions were good but I was not running with luck. Lost several times the tracking while the eagle and the Red and Black Kites were […]


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