Not as cold as yesterday and seems like the wind is getting less.

First point to visit is Rauðisandur where a golden to red beach with 10 km length is located. When we arrive, the first surprise I notice is the Snæfellsjökull view from here. Clear at the top without clouds. Trying with the Tamron tele lens on tripod to grab a picture like I missed earlier from Langaholt. However, this distance is much more. Ok, definitely not the best picture which can be done but quite decent even with the air flickering.

The Saurbæjarkirkja is one of the black painted churches in Iceland.

On to the red beach. A short walk takes us to the golden/red sand. From there is a fantastic view towards the Látrabjarg. The most western point of Europe.

Unfortunately the lights are oversaturated in the picture with the Sigma 15-30. Need to see whether i got a better one than this once I review all the pictures when back home.

A few Terns are flying around and attack us. Seems that we are getting too close to their nest.

Lunchtime in Patreksfjörður. Filling up gas, having something small to eat (small in size, but big in price – a cheeseburger menu with french fries and coke is about 14€).

Before we get back to the hotel, a quick stop at the Gardar, the oldest steel ship in Iceland. The sign says it stranded in 1981…

After a break in the hotel another drive to Puffins at Látrabjarg. Before we get there, a quick stop at Breiðavík to take some shots of the church there.

But then, another chilly stay for 3h with the Puffins 🙂 This time I can only use the Tamron 70-200 as the light is far away from being as good as yesterday. Today there were also some Razorbills close to the top.