Last day… We are running one last Game Drive from 6:15am to around 9am. Then, after breakfast, we will leave to Nairobi again.

After – for the last time – trying to find the Leopard, we drive again to the other side of the river just to see some cocktail herds. While driving through we spot a lioness sitting in the grass. Only slightly visible she watches closely a herd of Zebras and Gnus. After we move a bit backwards, we can also see the male lion.

Lioness and Lion

Lioness and Lion

They are out for a hunt. One Zebra is moving closer and closer. Meanwhile lots of cars are gathering…

The male lion moves from the right side of the road to the gras on the left side, where the lioness already has her spot.

Lion Moves

Lion move (click to see the move; refresh browser to restart)

Even his long hair is down and the Zebras and Gnus cannot see one of them.

Zebra getting close

In above picture the lion is right in front of the left termite hill while the lioness is behind the front termite hill.

Suddenly another rude car driver gets on to the scene and the Zebra loses her attention for food. Starts to watch closely into the cars direction… The 2 lions don’t make it and the Zebra moves slowly back to the herd.

What a mess!!

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See full gallery